Why You Need a Staffing Partner

Working with a skilled staffing partner can offer tremendous advantages to your business. Through a collaborative partnership with a staffing agency, you can enjoy faster time-to-hire, more precise matches between new hires and your company culture, and a more cost-effective employment program. A good staffing partner can also help you optimize your resources, attract better talent, and much more.

Here are a few of the benefits of working with an IT staffing agency to meet the needs of your organization.

Tame the IT talent shortage

The need for qualified IT professionals is outpacing the supply of talent. For employers, this means a more limited talent pool, new challenges in attracting talent, more candidates turning down job offers, and higher rates of voluntary turnover as IT professionals feel free to accept any position they choose.

When you work with an IT staffing agency, you have access to a qualified and prescreened pool of talent who are committed to working for you for at least a set length of time — an ideal situation for project-based staffing needs and temporary employee shortages. Temporary agency also enable temp-to-permanent hiring for employees who are a great fit with your company.

Find employees that meet your needs

Technology is a diverse and complex field, and many employers struggle to find the “perfect” candidate to fill their open roles. A staffing agency specializing in IT can help you refine your job descriptions and identify the most crucial skills and experiences you need from a candidate — and then supply you with candidates who meet your requirements. This is a crucial advantage in today’s highly competitive IT job market.

When you work with a staffing partner, the agency will be familiar with your workplace culture and the specific roles you need to fill. This translates into more successful hires with both skills-based and cultural fit for your company.

Reduce your hiring risks

It can be challenging to hire the right candidate, the first time. You may hire someone who seems like a perfect candidate during interviews, only to find that they aren’t a good fit for the culture or the position — which requires you to start the long and expensive hiring process all over again.

Working with a staffing agency mitigates these types of risk. A professional IT staffing firm will supply you with pre-screened and prequalified candidates, and will shoulder the financial risks associated with permanent employees such as worker’s compensation and benefits packages. And since the employment is on a temporary basis, the process of placing a new employee when one candidate doesn’t work out is faster and less expensive.

Deliver higher value to your organization

A working partnership with a staffing agency can benefit not only your IT department and CIO, but also the company as a whole. Staffing partners serve as a team of recruiting experts, able to fill your open IT positions quickly and efficiently. Diverting your recruitment tasks to a specialized IT staffing agency frees your permanent staff to focus on core business activities, while allowing you to attract and retain more qualified talent for your organization.

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