How to Prevent Employee Burnout in Summer Months

Summer is the burnout season, and for IT specialists who often work long days, this can hold especially true. Employee burnout can result in lowered morale, reduced productivity, and other nasty side effects that can hurt both your employees and your company. So how can you avoid summer burnout, and keep your staff happy and satisfied? These are a few simple tips to help you and your employees get through the burnout season.

Plan a Retreat

When managers hear “company retreat,” they often see a price tag, but you can actually plan a simple getaway that will leave your staff feeling refresh (and your budget intact). See if there are any events going on around town, such as movie nights in a local park or music festivals that could double as a company outing. You can also host a cookout at your house or a co-worker’s (or even at the office) to help your employees experience some summer fun. You can even invite your staff to bring their families as well.

Create Incentives

Employees need a good incentive plan more than ever during the summer months. You can introduce seasonal incentives in addition to your standard options, including tickets to theme parks or water resorts, or even the option to take a Friday off. There are a variety of ways you can reward your staff with these incentives, whether it’s progress-based or tied to the number of hours they work. This will not only encourage them to keep up productivity, but it will also give them some much needed R&R when they receive their reward.

Introduce Flexibility

Many companies have implemented more flexible workweeks, and found that less time in the office doesn’t reduce productivity (and actually has the potential to raise it). In fact, some companies have opted for a four-day workweek, and have found that their staff complete the same amount of work in four days versus five. So whether you choose to let your employees work from home one or two days a week, or you shorten your workweek during the summer, your staff’s effectiveness won’t be reduced.

The summer burnout season can be stressful for both employees and managers alike. You’re tasked with keeping productivity up, while your staff is dealing with a heavy workload and limited free time during the best season of the year. These three tips will help you reduce the stress on both yourself and your staff, and create a more effective, happy workforce. By giving them a little freedom in the summer, you’ll improve their morale and increase their satisfaction in the company they work for.


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