If you’re on the prowl for a new position in IT, you may find yourself face to face with some pretty daunting skill requirements. In the past, finding the right resources to close your skill gap could be tricky and expensive – particularly if you don’t have a Computer Science degree or if it’s been a few years since you’ve brushed up on your industry knowledge.

However, times have changed, and there are a variety of online tips and tricks that can get you up to speed in no time. In fact, one of the best tools on the market is StackSocial’s Pay What You Want collection. With these affordable bundle, you’ll learn all of the hottest programming languages and beef up your resume to completely revitalize your IT job search. And the best part is you can pay what you want or pay their average price to unlock the complete set.

What’s Included

If you opt for the “pay what you want” route, you’ll get two courses with several hours of content and a value ranging from $40-$300. These courses will run you through the basics of a particular area of your chosen field, from game design to app building to database management. Their lecture format is easy to follow and designed to give you an in-depth understanding of these cutting edge IT concepts.

However, if you beat the average price, you’ll unlock 5-10 additional courses for a total value that’s often in the thousands of dollars. With hundreds of lectures and dozens of hours of content, you’ll be able to gain a deep understanding of your subject that can serve as a solid foundation for a career in IT. With average prices as low as $7, you’ll have access to courses on coding, hacking, and everything in between.

Grow Your Skills

Keep in mind that these StackSocial bundles aren’t an exhaustive education on any subject. But if you pair them with other tools like Codecademy, manuals, and real-world trial and error, you’ll see your skills begin to develop at a rapid pace. Online tutorials and courses are invaluable when it comes to teaching you how to think like a programmer, but get out there and get yourself in the thick of things to truly put your skills to the test.

No matter what, investing in these online resources will give your IT job search just the boost it needs. If you miss a certain StackSocial deal that you’ve had your eye on, don’t worry. They offer similar courses year round, so there will always be a challenging course to catch your interest. As long as your committed to honing your IT skills and pursuing a career in the tech industry, you’re sure to go far.


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