Whether it’s a desire for a more balanced work-life schedule or as a result of major life events, many IT workers are pursuing part-time opportunities to supplement their income and work experience. While this provides workers with a flexible schedule and the opportunity to build valuable skills in a growing industry, it can pose a few challenges for employers looking to bring on part-time staff. Here are some challenges you might face, and how you can prepare your workforce for new part-time employees.

  1. Benefits Packages
    Traditionally, working part-time and taking advantage of a competitive benefits plan have been mutually exclusive. In fact, a recent survey from SHRM found that only 30 percent of HR professionals report that their companies offer benefits to part-timers.With a growing shift towards workplace flexibility, many employers are re-thinking this policy. By not providing benefits, you risk lowering your retention rate and employee satisfaction.  A good option for those looking to create a benefits package for part-time workers is an incremental plan based on the amount of hours worked. For example, someone working 20 hours per week might qualify for 50 percent coverage.
  1. Scheduling Options
    There are a variety of options for scheduling, and limiting your staff to traditional part-time hours may not be ideal for their lifestyle. Before you begin hiring employees, consider your options and choose which will work for your company. Some options include:
  • Compressed work weeks
  • Job sharing
  • Telecommuting

    The more of these you’re able to offer to your staff, the happier they’ll be with their part-time schedule. Determine how these different options benefit your part-time workers, your full-time staff, and your company as a whole.

  1. More Staff
    To handle the workload, you’ll likely need to hire more people than you would with a full-time staff. Consider how this affects your office space (do you have enough computers, phones, etc.?), as well as inter-office interactions. Make sure that your part-time staff feel important and welcomed in your office environment by including them in seasonal parties, birthday celebrations, and other special occasions.With the talent gap in the IT industry, it may be difficult to find more skilled workers to complete your staff. Know the best online job boards or recruiting services in your area to flesh out your workforce. If you do in-house recruiting, be sure to incorporate passive recruiting as well. With more and more full-time employees looking to transition to part-time work, you can have great success recruiting candidates who are already employed.

These are three of the most common challenges employers face when hiring part-time staff. By preparing for these obstacles, you can easily incorporate part-time employees into your workforce.


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