How to Create a Hiring Process that Build Strong Relationships

Your business’s relationship with new hires can have a powerful impact on your company culture and the success of your future endeavors. But that relationship doesn’t begin on their first day at work — it begins during the hiring process itself. Forward-thinking hiring managers can create a recruiting and interview process that speaks well of their organization and establishes long-lasting relationships with the most talented candidates in your industry. Here’s how you can create a hiring process that builds strong relationships.

1. Make sure the candidate is a cultural fit.

Checking for a cultural fit involves accurately expressing your company’s culture and getting a good read of the employee’s needs in the workplace. Do they perform better in high-paced environments, or are they looking for something a little more laid back? Do they prefer to work alone or on a team? These questions will help you understand what the candidate is looking for, and allow you to offer some insight into your company’s culture.

This can also serve as a great selling point for talented new hires. Maybe your company offers free snacks, discounted memberships, or a technology allowance. Mention these cultural perks during the interview to establish value in the eyes of the candidate.

2. Get a feel for their future.

IT candidates don’t want to feel like they’re simply filling a role. They want to feel involved and challenged as they grow with your organization. During the interview, ask plenty of questions to get a good idea of their future plans. What up and coming technology are they interested in? Are there any new skills they’d like to pick up while working with your company? You’re investing in them for the long-run, so make sure their career goals are in line with the position.

3. Test their skills.

The second interview is a great opportunity for you to get a glimpse of your prospective employee’s skills. However, many organizations opt out of the skill test or working interview, but in the IT industry, this can be particularly insightful. Run a quick code challenge or assign the candidate a generic task that can help you understand both their hard and soft skills. Not only can this offer the candidate an idea of what kind of tech they’ll be working with, but it can also confirm that they will be a good fit for your organization.

Start your professional relationship on the right foot with these three hiring practices for IT managers. You’ll guarantee that your prospective employees are a good fit and increase their comfort with your company as a result. Use these three tips to create a hiring process that builds strong, long-lasting relationships in the workplace.


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