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With the increasing demand for agile, innovative performance, assembling a talented team should be a top priority for IT managers. You don’t have to find new candidates to accomplish this challenge; rather, you can utilize your skills as a leader to improve the thinking power and productivity of your existing employees. Here are five ways you can build a better IT team (and become a better leader along the way).

1. Offer skill-building opportunities.

Employees value a manager who invests in their self-improvement, but morale isn’t the only reason to offer opportunities for professional development. The IT industry is in a constant state of flux. As new technology and new business practices develop, your team has to be ready to learn and adapt. If you make these opportunities available, your team will stay abreast of new technologies and become more talented professionals as a result.

2. Develop personal connections.

The more you know about your employees — both professionally and personally —  the more effective your team-building efforts will be. Take the time to discuss their work progress with them, as well as any challenges or successes they’re experiencing. To develop a more cohesive team, make an effort to get to know their interests, opinions, and details of their families and personal lives. Encourage your team to get to know one another through company outings and social gatherings as well.

3. Provide flexibility.

As you get to know your employees, you may realize that they prefer some flexibility outside of the standard nine-to-five schedule. Perhaps they have children or aging parents, or simply work better at home than in the office. Allow them the flexibility to try out different arrangements that may improve their state of mind and productivity levels. With the capability of available technology, telecommuting or nontraditional work arrangements are easily accommodated in the workplace.

4. Leave room for creativity.

There are always new ways of doing things, and as innovative IT professionals, your employees may have creative solutions to common problems in the workplace. Be open to their suggestions and willing to try new techniques. Not only will this expose you to new and innovative ways of working, but it will establish your respect and trust in your team’s opinions.

5. Communicate your goals.

If your employees are uncertain about the direction or purpose of your team, their efforts will be out of sync and ineffective in the long run. Clearly communicate your goals, both for each individual employee and the team as a whole. What would you like to accomplish in the near future? What progress do you envision for the long term? Address these goals with your staff and update them as you adjust or complete your projects.

A good leader has the potential to build a truly innovative IT team. If you’d like to improve your current team, follow these five tips for a better, more effective workforce. And don’t forget to partner with the IT staffing experts at Strategic IT Staffing. We can help you build a better IT workforce with available candidates who are vetted and ready for success.


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