Data scientists are relatively new players in the IT game, but they’re quickly becoming some of the most in-demand professionals in the industry. However, when you compare the sheer amount of open positions available to the number of qualified job-seeking candidates, the picture starts to look a little grim. But despite the challenges you face in hiring a new data scientist, there are a lot of reasons why this should be among your top staffing priorities for the coming year.

What Is a Data Scientist?

Big data has taken the IT world by storm, but for many organizations, taming this information has become a feat all its own. That’s where a data scientist come in. These highly skilled IT professionals use a wide range of scientific disciplines — from modeling to mathematics to computer science — to gather and analyze big data.

But rather than simply presenting the information for others to digest, these talented scientists intuitively examine the data to find the best ways to manipulate and utilize its contents. They find new ways to apply the knowledge and new approaches to common business challenges, potentially revolutionizing the way your company operates. For instance, information gathered by a data scientist can impact your financial decision, risk-taking, marketing, user experience design, fraud detection, and other central aspects of your business.

Why You Need a Data Scientist

You may think that this skill set is too niche or specialized for what you do, but companies in any industry and of any size can benefit from a data scientist. Whether you’re consumer-centric and would like to capture your customer data or more interested in sales and supply information, a data scientist can help you analyze data and determine the best course of action for your company.

This is particularly true for companies with strong web- or cloud-based operations or mobile applications. Data scientists can not only interpret big data, but they can analyze your storage capacity, system performance, and other computing requirements that can dramatically impact your company’s success. They also have the ability to predict and mitigate risk by examining data trends across your network.

A data scientist can perform in a wide variety of functions within your company, not the least of which is their ability to harness big data. Hiring one of these IT professionals is an increasingly necessary step as web applications become more and more integrated into everyday business operations. If you haven’t already considered the possibility of adding a data scientist to your ranks, now is the time to start. You’ll be able to navigate big data and incorporate its findings into your company for a more intuitive, data-smart approach to business.


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