If you’re looking for a job in the IT industry, you’re in luck. Not only does the tech industry promise high salaries and challenging work, but it’s a candidate-driven job market that offers plenty of exciting positions to choose from. However, the search can quickly get overwhelming if you don’t have a system in place. Find the best position for your technical skills with these three job-search tips for IT professionals.

  1. Organize Your Search
    The first step of preparing for a job search is organizing your resume and cover letter. If you’re applying for jobs with varying descriptions, create a separate resume for each job title to highlight specific skill sets. Make sure each is updated to reflect your recent accomplishments and current references. In addition to creating copies of your resume and cover letter, be sure to update your LinkedIn profile as well.Once you begin the search itself, you’ll want to establish a system for organizing your applications. Create a spreadsheet that shows which companies and positions you’ve applied for, the date of the application, and the contact information for the hiring manager or recruiter. Update the spreadsheet as you make progress, and include notes that allow you to keep your details in line.
  1. Be Confident
    A lack of confidence can keep you from finding the job of your dreams, so don’t be intimidated by lengthy job postings. Even if you don’t have all of the skills listed, try your chances anyway. Many times, these skills are soft requirements and companies are willing to adapt the position to the right candidate.This confidence also translates to how you interact with the hiring manager or recruiter. If you haven’t heard anything in a while, be proactive enough to give them a call to check in. Be forward but not pushy, and always remain polite in your communications. Feel free to send a follow-up email to thank your interviewer, or send a hand-written note if you’d like to make an impression.
  1. Set Your Standards
    After you’ve had a few interviews, you’ll likely begin to receive job offers. If you’re anxious about your job search, you may be inclined to accept the first position that comes your way. To avoid settling, be sure you establish your standards before you begin. Prioritize your requirements, and don’t accept a position that offers less than what you want. Doing so can cause you to lose interest in your new job and increase your risk of leaving the position.

The IT job search is stressful, but you can reduce your frustration with these three tips. With solid organization, confidence, and a strong set of standards, you can ensure that you find the right position for your skills. Practice these tips during your next job search and keep the process stress-free and effective.


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