Just hearing the words “video interview” can send many IT candidates into a cold sweat. From the pressure to ‘act natural’ to concerns over how you look on your webcam, there’s a lot to worry about with these stressful scenarios. However, with just enough preparation and a few helpful tips, you can ace your video interview and land yourself that IT job you’ve been looking for. Here are three tips to help you prepare for your upcoming interview.

1. Set the Stage

When planning for a video interview, one of your first tasks should be finding the right location. If the call will take place in your home, choose a room with good lighting and little-to-no ambient sound. Turn on your webcam and make sure there’s nothing unflattering or unprofessional in the background (i.e. dirty laundry, posters, pets, etc.).

Your wardrobe is another big part of creating a professional interview atmosphere. Dress well, and not just on your upper half. You never know when you may have to stand up for something. Additionally, choose a time of day that will have minimal distractions. As an example, you may want to avoid the time of your usual mail delivery to eliminate the possibility of a ringing doorbell during your interview.

2. Avoid Technical Issues

The bane of every video interview is the dreaded technical issue. Maybe your computer is going to force a restart and an update, or maybe your internet will cut out during the call. Mitigate the risk of technical issues by planning for these events in advance.

Check to make sure your computer doesn’t have any updates scheduled, and routinely check your internet throughout the day to ensure that you’ve corrected any problems before the call begins. If you’re using a laptop, make sure it’s fully charged and you have your charger handy in case of disaster. You may also want to test your interview link and your webcam well before the interview begins to guarantee that everything is in order.

3. Practice Good Video Call Etiquette

One of your biggest concerns is likely how you should behave during the interview. For many candidates, this process feels unnatural and intimidating. But if you practice good video call etiquette, you can keep things running smoothly. During the call, avoid looking at your face or the interviewer and look directly into the webcam lens when answering questions.

Due to a lag in the video relay, you may accidentally begin speaking at the same time as your interviewer. This isn’t a big deal, but cutting them off or speaking over them is. Be professional and courteous, and look for facial cues to indicate when you should speak and when you should simply listen.

Video interviews are hard, but these three tips can help you give it your best and make a good first impression. Prepare your room and your computer and be tactful during the call for a surefire recipe for interview success. If you need more help before an IT video interview, or if you need help finding an interview to begin with, contact Strategic IT Staffing today!


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