Whether you are fresh out of college armed with a degree in hand, or a professional boasting a few years of experience, it is important to keep your IT career on the right path. With your success in mind, here are 10 questions aimed at helping any technology career.

  1. What Do You Like to Learn?
    There’s no denying that in an IT career, your education never truly ends. It is important to ask yourself what technology areas are of interest to you and try to search out relevant job opportunities or possibly a new role with your current employer.
  2. Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?
    You need to find an employer with a mission compatible with your outlook on work. Is money the most important thing, or do interesting projects involving state-of-the-art technology inspire you?
  3. What Challenge Excites You Most in Your Life Right Now?
    Finding meaningful ways to challenge yourself is important for a successful career. Working for a company consistently on the leading edge of technology is a good way to ensure your professional life never becomes stale.
  4. Whom Do You Get Career Advice From?
    Having someone to offer professional advice helps no matter where you stand in your career. Partnering with a trusted recruiter experienced in technology serves nicely as a source for meaningful insight.
  5. Do You Trust Your Superiors and Colleagues?
    Most leading companies foster a trustworthy environment, no matter their industry sector. If you answer “no” to this question, it might be a sign you need to look for a new employer emphasizing honesty and trust.
  6. Do You Wake Up Excited to Be Working in This Job?
    This question somewhat relates to the previous one. If you aren’t truly excited each day at the office, you may need to get back on the right career path.
  7. Are You Inspired by the Leaders at Your Organization?
    The best leaders inspire their workers to perform at their best. Ultimately, ineffectual leadership at your current firm could be another sign to look elsewhere for a new job.
  8. Are You Confidentā€¦ Most of the Time?
    If you maintain a strong level of confidence in your technical abilities, approach your superiors to ask for a leadership role with your current employer, or possibly look for one with a new company.
  9. Are You in Your Dream Job?
    A dream job may come along only a few times in a career. Congratulations are in order if you are currently in your technology dream job.
  10. What Have You Learned About Yourself and Your Status by Answering These Questions?
    It is important to regularly perform self-analysis of your career. Hopefully, this exercise offered some relevant insights to help you get on a path towards lifelong success.

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