The millennial generation brings with it a unique set of values that affects the kinds of jobs offering them career satisfaction. This applies to all industry sectors, including the technology world. If your company is encountering difficulty attracting and retaining millennials, it makes sense to perform an internal analysis of your office culture as well as the career path provided by a position with your firm.

What follows is a look at some ideas for offering an IT career matching the desires of younger workers. Check them out here!

Millennials Want a Spot in the Executive Suite

A recent study noted that nearly 75 percent of surveyed millennials wanted a career that ultimately ended up in an executive leadership position. Since corporate organizational structures are rarely that top-heavy, your company at least needs to provide technology positions offering an upwards path towards additional responsibility.

Even if your firm has a flat hierarchy, stress to candidates they will get the chance to hone their leadership skills at your office. In this situation, consider rotating project management responsibilities among your staff or promote qualified employees to senior technical roles.

The most important point to never let employees feel working for your company is a dead-end for their career.

Offer Innovative Training Programs and Generous Tuition Reimbursement

Since career growth is highly important to most workers – millennial or not – it is important to provide a well-considered training program to your staff. This is especially important in the IT industry, with its rapidly evolving landscape of technologies. Encourage your employees to broaden their skills by offering various rewards – gift cards, flex time, etc. – for successfully completing a training course.

Generous tuition reimbursement is another must, as millennials are highly interested in earning advanced degrees. Consider requiring reimbursed workers to agree to stay with your firm for a period after graduation. This helps you retain your investment in the top talent.

Attract Younger Workers with a Positive Company Culture

While generally hard workers, millennials tend move between positions if unable to find a company with a set of values matching their own. This makes it important for firms to develop an office culture allowing workers to stay true to themselves. Make it a point to become active in the community by sponsoring charitable events and otherwise showing your organization cares about a variety of social issues.

Hopefully, these ideas help your firm employ the leading IT talent from the millennial generation.

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