Depending on your role as a technology professional, it can become difficult to keep your office space free of clutter. For programmers, trying to deal with physical copies of data models and functional specs leads to a messy cubicle or office. If you typically eat your lunch at your desk, food crumbs and spent drink cans only adds to the overall mess.

Your superiors or others may judge the appearance of your workspace – including how it’s decorated – in the same manner as they appraise your hygiene and dress. Some feel an organized work area is the sign of an organized mind – the latter being a big plus when working in IT. So what does your workspace say about your work performance?

First Impressions Remain Important

If your company is hosting a client or the executive team is making a visit, they may ask everyone to straighten up their work area. First impressions are still important, even as corporate dress policies trend towards the casual. You wouldn’t meet a new client with unkempt hair, and the same rule needs to apply to your immediate work area.

Office Design and Decorations Are Also Relevant

This concept also needs to influence how your office is decorated – both personally and company-wide. Cutting-edge tech firms may prefer open floor plans which enhances collaboration and communication among staff. This is an important impression to give to potential clients as well as workers in this era of Agile and DevOps.

On the other hand, IT shops in more traditional and conservative sectors, like finance or insurance, generally go with a more low-key decor. Their dress policies typically follow their office decorative trends; requiring formal business attire or business casual.

The type of company employing you is an important point to consider when decorating your own office space. When working in a more conservative office, keep any desk decorations to a minimum. In fact, your employee handbook may detail rules regarding what is permissible.

More creativity when it comes to decorating your desk area is typically allowed at companies with a modern take on workspaces. Just don’t go overboard, especially with any items potentially considered offensive. No matter your employer’s style, make sure to keep your space clean; don’t let workspace clutter hamper the growth of your career.

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