Advice for New IT Grads Entering the Workforce

So you just graduated with a degree in one of the technology disciplines. Congratulations are definitely in order! The real work now truly begins, as you need to find a great new position in an ever-changing IT industry, and stand out amongst other new IT grads.

Thankfully, your job prospects remain bright, as a technology degree remains highly valued throughout the business world. Nonetheless, you’ll need to develop a job search plan and execute it to precision. Here are a few pieces of advice to help get you started on the right track. Good luck!

Make a Budget – and Stick to It!

While you are waiting to field your first job offer, your financial situation needs to get extra attention. Create a monthly budget and be sure to follow it closely. Don’t make any large expenditures until you have been in your new job for a few months. Your savings from any college job combined with help from your family will need to suffice.

Balance Your Passions and Fiscal Responsibility

Related to the previous budgetary advice, make it a point to concentrate on maximizing your earnings for the first year or so of your career before embarking on a more entrepreneurial path. Going the startup route takes persistence and patience, so it is better to save enough money first, as you can’t count on earning enough venture capital to provide you a paycheck. Balancing your technology passions and a responsible financial outlook is vital.

Focus on Your Health and Well-Being

When working long hours in the IT world, it becomes difficult to handle stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you exercise regularly as well as spending some time meditating to help keep focused on performing well at your new job. Allow for some downtime on the weekends to properly recharge before heading back to the office.

Partner with a Top-Notch Technology Staffing Agency

Consider making a career-long partnership with a leading IT staffing agency. A knowledgeable recruiter understands the marketplace in your current city as well as across the nation. They know the hottest technologies in demand at the top companies in your field; sometimes being aware of open positions not advertised to the general public.

When searching for a great employment agency as a partner look no further than Strategic IT Staffing. As one of the leading technology staffing firms in the country, we can help new IT grads get their career off to a great start. Don’t hesitate to contact us once you are ready to begin your first job search.


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