No matter your position as a technology professional, you always need to make the effort to improve your skill set. This rule applies if you are a software engineer, a database administrator, and especially if you work as an IT manager. IT managers help to keep their team producing at a high level, which requires a mix of technical, business, and people skills.

With a successful IT managerial career in mind, here are five tips for performing better in your role. Good luck in your efforts!

Appreciate Your Staff

Make it a point to respect everyone on your team – from the junior programmer fresh out of college to the grizzled old veteran who’s written code for everything from mainframes to smartphones. Give your staff goals and a sense of direction, but trust them to get the job done without micromanaging their efforts. Always keep communication channels open and be sure to listen.

Foster a Culture of Learning and Professional Development

We already mentioned the importance of constant learning and development in technology. Create an environment that encourages your team to learn new skills; ensuring your company offers tuition reimbursement and a training program is a must. Turn employees with potential into valuable professionals.

Develop Your Strategic Leadership and Vision

The best leaders have the foresight to see five years into the future while creating a set of goals to achieve that vision. Take the initiative and inspire your team to follow you down the path to success. Ensure everyone understands their role and is able to successfully collaborate with each other.

Empower Others to Lead

It is also important to empower your senior team members to also show leadership when necessary. Sharing leadership without overexerting your own authority is the sign of a mature technology manager. Show your staff how to influence others – both within the company and among clients – by using gentle persuasion instead of simply coercing them.

Build a Community in Your Office

Ultimately, building a community of peers at your company requires an emphasis on relationships and collaboration. This is one of the reasons the DevOps organizational methodology is growing in popularity in IT. Valuing the differences among your staff – viewpoints, technical approaches, etc. – helps to ensure everyone feels a true part of the team.

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