In the modern business era, where workers can stay connected to their jobs on a 24/7 basis with a smartphone or tablet, the concept of going home at 5 p.m. seems foreign. This trend is almost a tradition in the IT industry when being on-call or working weekends doing system updates happens regularly. On the other hand, some business pundits wonder whether following a strict eight-hour day – including leaving at five o’clock – actually leads to higher productivity.

Here are some advantages potentially gained from making sure you head home at 5 o’clock whenever possible.

A Better Focus on Your Daily Work

Being able to leave the office at a normal time each day requires you to focus on checking off every item on your task list during normal working hours. You won’t take as much time for lunch, and those watercooler discussions about sports or the latest entertainment news need to be kept to a minimum. In short, your efficiency and overall productivity improve.

If you find difficulty focusing at work, check out the Pomodoro Technique, where you break up your workday into 25-minute periods of focused activity followed by a five-minute break. Other productivity hacks may also improve your overall efficiency.

Leisure Time Becomes More Enjoyable

A higher productivity level during the workday gives you an extra hour or two of free time every night. Make it a point to appreciate this added leisure time. Consider blowing off some stream with some exercise or other physical activity. Additional time spent with your family or significant other helps improve your overall mood, as well.

Improved Ability to Prioritize

Even when you aren’t able to complete everything on your task list before leaving at five o’clock, the world will still be there in the morning. You’ll gradually learn that some things are better left until the next day. This helps you to prioritize your responsibilities, so you can properly ramp up your efforts when a truly urgent issue arises.

To sum things up, forcing yourself to leave the office at 5 p.m. every day requires you to become more productive and better at prioritizing your work. An improved work-life balance is ultimately the result.

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