The dual advent of mobile technology and social networking has created massive amounts of data over the last few years. As businesses tried to wean actionable insights out of all this information, a new term — “Big Data” — became the latest high-tech buzz word. A whole host of NoSQL databases and analytical tools suitable for Big Data offer IT professionals a unique opportunity for career growth.

If you are considering continuing your education with some data-related courses or degree programs, checking out these top choices is a must. After all, the Department of Labor predicts a 25 percent increase in data-related positions over the next few years. Maybe a data scientist job is in your future, or perhaps your organization would benefit by hiring a talented graduate from one of these programs?

Major in Data Science at the University of San Francisco

As a venerable Bay Area institution long on the forefront of technology education, the University of San Francisco offering a data science degree program makes perfect sense. A focus on mathematics and computer science ensures graduates are able to easily make sense out of masses of enterprise data. Students enjoy three choices for degree concentrations as well, including mathematical data science, computational data science, and economic data science.

The Business Analytics Program at the University of Iowa

Graduates of the business analytics program at the University of Iowa currently enjoy a 100 percent job placement rate. Additionally, those earning the university’s Bachelor’s in Business Analytics and Information Systems degree are seeing a starting salary increase of five percent over the previous year. Analyzing Big Data stores and developing decision support systems are just some of the material covered in the program’s coursework.

DePaul’s B.A. in Decision Analytics aimed at Professionals

If you are a technology professional looking for a data-related program suitable for those with a day job, DePaul’s B.A. in Decision Analytics may be worth checking out. The program focuses on the collection, analysis, and reporting of Big Data in a variety of business sectors. Practical applications useful in the real world are among the items covered in class.

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