There’s no denying that finding a great job in the technology industry is a competitive process. Strong technical talent only takes you so far. You also need the confidence and intestinal fortitude to navigate the stormy waters of a job search, where many qualified candidates don’t even get an interview.

When finally meeting with a great company, the candidates who show they truly believe in their abilities stand the greatest chance of a dream job offer. With a successful IT career in mind, here are a few tips on how to increase your confidence. Good luck in your efforts!

Actions are more Important than Intentions

Don’t merely intend to do something to improve your career: acquiring an advanced degree, earning an IT certification, or learning a new technical skill. Just do it! “Actions speak louder than words” is an old cliché, but it rings true in this case. Real accomplishments help you build confidence in the long run.

Take Credit for your Successes

While there’s a fine line between showing pride in your professional successes and merely being egotistical, make sure to pat yourself on the back now and again when you really deserve it. This rule also applies when it comes time for performance reviews. Don’t be bashful in expecting the credit — praise, raises, promotions — you truly deserve.

Don’t let Others stifle your Confidence

Some people in the technology industry (or any other business sector for that manner) prefer to knock others down. Maybe they suffer from an inferiority complex? Don’t let them bring you down or dampen your self-confidence. If you have to avoid these types in your office, by all means, do so!

Always find the Time to Laugh

Surprisingly, laughter helps to build your self-confidence and esteem. This is the result of releasing endorphins, which help relieve stress among other physical and mental benefits. So make it a point to laugh each and every day at the office and at home.

Showing Gratitude towards those who’ve helped You

When you take the time to show gratitude to the others who’ve helped you and your career, it becomes easy to realize everything you’ve accomplished to date. This definitely helps raise your confidence level. Soon, you will be striving for new heights in your technology career.


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