Uninspired technology employees are bad for your business. While that’s not a real surprising concept, the fact that many current IT employees are slacking off on their jobs might raise a few eyebrows. In fact, a recent study by the consulting firm CEB noted only 22 percent of technology workers are putting in an extra effort.

So, over three-quarters of your workforce need some inspiration to become more engaged in their work. Employee engagement is becoming an important metric to track when hoping to improve your company’s productivity level. Let’s take a closer look at the nature of this problem.

Tech Companies focus on Employee Engagement


The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends study reports a growing focus on employee engagement among companies. This takes the form of innovative workspaces, flexible hours, a robust benefits package, and more. 48 percent of the surveyed companies report a major focus on engaging their workers in 2016; 85 percent of executives rate engagement as important or very important to their firm.

A major reason for engagement as a new priority for businesses is its impact on the overall productivity of an organization. In fact, maintaining staffing levels isn’t as important as ensuring those desks are filled with sufficiently motivated employees.

“What used to just be a talking point about ‘having the best people’ has become a real action item for organizations. They can’t just say it, they have to mean it. What we see in our research is that when organizations have an engaged, productive workforce, they tend to outperform the competition; not just top line but bottom line, customer satisfaction, innovation, all those metrics,” said Brian Kropp, HR Practice Leader at CEB.

Why are Employees Disengaged?


If companies are focused on improving engagement, why did the employees lose interest in their work in the first place? Kropp noted many companies handled the Great Recession by removing middle management roles, so new employees don’t see a pathway to promotion compared to earlier eras. So they only do what’s required of their current position instead of going the extra mile to attract the attention of their bosses.

Giving your team the opportunity to learn new skills and work on interesting projects offers the best chance to improve their engagement and ultimately, your organization’s productivity and bottom line. Other perks, like the previously mentioned flex time and generous benefits packages also help.

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