Work-related stress is the result of many different causes. Everything from depression to insomnia to simply too many tasks on your list leads to a feeling of being overworked. Surprisingly, finding an easy solution to this problem might simply be a click away, using a mobile app designed to help you fight insomnia.

Simply getting a good night’s sleep helps you deal with so many of the issues contributing to stress. What follows is a closer look at an innovative new app called Sleepio.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Cure Insomnia


Sleepio is an app using cognitive behavioral therapy to help treat insomnia. The app is expensive for users $300 for a yearly subscription but many companies are including it for a free six-month period as part of an employee wellness program. Users who agree to be part of a research study also get free access to Sleepio. The app is available for the iOS platform and desktop computers, but no Android version exists to date.

The app provides a collection of lectures aimed at improving sleep patterns as well as other forms of cognitive behavioral therapy. Some of the suggestions noted by users include ensuring a quiet and dark bedroom as well as performing a few relaxation exercises before going to bed. After a few weeks of improved sleep, users find they are more productive at work, enjoy higher energy levels, and just simply feel better.

Depression and Anxiety Contribute to Insomnia


Tackling some of the contributing factors to insomnia most notably depression and anxiety is one of the goals of the Sleepio program. Peter Hames, chief of the creator of Sleepio, Big Health, talked about how focusing the app on sleep, instead of those more stigmatized conditions, helped attract patients to the program. “Sleep is very destigmatized,” commented Hames.

Lisa Kelly-Croswell, chief human resources officer for Boston Medical Center, who provides the Sleepio program to their employees, noted that employees who use it are getting three more hours of sleep per week on average. More notably, absenteeism is down by fifty percent. She hopes the company sees fewer health insurance claims related to stress and a subsequent lowering of health care costs.

Interested companies or employees need to look at Sleepio or other similar programs for improving sleep, lowering stress, and raising productivity levels.

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