If a temporary job opportunity becomes available to you, don’t automatically dismiss it out of hand. For one thing, contract-based employment is becoming more prevalent, especially in the Information Technology industry. You also get the opportunity to work with different people, technologies, and methodologies – broadening your professional horizons.

Taking a temp IT job is actually good for your long-term career prospects. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why it’s a step forward, instead of the opposite.

A Chance to Expand Your Skill Set

Temporary or contract employment offers a great chance to grow your skill set. It also helps to give you tangible professional experience in something you previously learned on the side. Companies are more willing to take risks with temp employees compared to their permanent hires.

As mentioned earlier, this same rule also applies to emerging methodologies, like Agile and DevOps. Take the chance to add some heft to your résumé!

Grow Your Professional Network

Maintaining a robust professional network plays an important role in your technology career. While online networking on LinkedIn has its place, there is really no substitute for working directly with talented IT professionals. A succession of temporary employment contracts provides an opportunity to grow your network, which pays dividends over the long haul.

A Chance to Work in Different Industries

One of the great things about being a technology professional is it offers an opportunity to work in a variety of industries. Temporary contracts give you experience on how software and computing infrastructure helps run companies across the business landscape. Once again, this broad exposure makes you attractive to hiring managers throughout your career.

Earn a Permanent Position

Many companies leverage temporary contracts to try out workers before potentially offering them a permanent position. The same concept also applies in reverse. What a great way to test drive a company before considering a full-time role in their office!

Flexibility for a Better Work-Life Balance

If you enjoy a measure of flexibility in your life, working in temporary positions gives you the opportunity to do new and different things. It also helps prevent career burnout over the long haul.

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