The era of Agile and DevOps in the technology world ushered in the need for improved communication and collaboration among co-workers. Successfully completing projects in the modern IT business requires more interaction between developers, QA engineers, network administrators, and business stakeholders. The days of individuals working alone on their own tasks are long gone.

What follows are a few ideas on how to improve the internal communication techniques at your technology organization. Hopefully, they provide the insight to get your employees collaborating together like never before.

Keep Meetings Concise and to the Point

Enhancing communication at your office doesn’t mean simply holding longer conferences more frequently. Keep any get-togethers – daily or otherwise – short and sweet. Following the Agile principles when it comes to daily standup meetings is a good policy to follow.

Cover the most important issues first during the meeting. Stay focused throughout and your team won’t lose interest causing their attention to waver. Listen intently when questions are raised – allowing everyone a chance to offer their own insights is smart.

Make Sure Gadget Use Compliments the Meeting Purpose

Ask all attendees to keep any mobile device usage to a minimum during any assembly – unless the gadget is needed to view material related to the content of the meeting. It is important no one gets distracted checking their email or the latest stock reports. Once again – attention and focus are the key.

Don’t Deliver Bad News Electronically

When considering person-to-person communication, make sure to never deliver any bad news using email or text messaging. A face-to-face get-together is the best call for this situation. The same rule applies when announcing any difficult tidings to your entire office staff – do it in person!

Frame Any Negative Comments in a Constructive Manner

When disagreements arise during a meeting, it is important the entire team stays professional and positive. After all, everyone is collaborating together towards one common goal. Any criticism needs to be constructive; framing it in the form of question helps to lead to a healthy discussion aimed at finding a solution.

Following these simple ideas will improve the personal interaction at your office.

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