Keeping your career trajectory moving on an upwards path takes persistence throughout your professional life. Setting goals for yourself on a periodic basis is a smart idea to help this process. Every new year offers the best opportunity for a new set of targets to aim for over the next 12 months.

What follows are a few ideas for goals worth going after in 2017. They are sure to help both your short-term and long-term professional outlook. Soon, you will be aiming for a management role in your technology career!

Reassess Your Career Path at Least Twice per Year

Setting career goals doesn’t help much without taking the time to check your status every few months. At least two times each year, make it a point to evaluate your current job, education level and the progress towards reaching goals already in place. By making this one of your goals for the year, you stand a better chance of achieving the other targets on your list.

Learn One New Technology Skill in 2017

Make it a point to learn a technical skill not in your current toolbox over the next year. For extra credit, pass a certification test in this new technology. This adds some breadth to your resume, while positioning yourself for additional career growth down the road.

Begin Working Towards an Advanced Degree

Earning an advanced degree in your technical discipline – or perhaps a MBA – gives you a great shot at an executive position within a few years. Be sure to take advantage of any tuition reimbursement benefits provided by your company.

Hone Your Leadership Skills

If you want to move into a technology management role, leadership acumen is a must. Next year, take an online self-assessment on leadership and talk to your superiors about getting the opportunity to show your stuff, so to speak. Mentoring your co-workers is a great way to get started.

Volunteer at a Charity or Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofits and charitable organizations regularly need technology help and business advice. In 2017, volunteer (and potentially lead your co-workers to do the same) at one of these organizations in your area. You gain the dual benefits of helping out a good cause, while also honing your technical and leadership skills.

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