In a competitive technology industry, finding great talent can be a difficult process. Your current employees are a sometimes overlooked source of worthy candidates, especially if the referral comes from a trusted worker. Your team member is able to give their friend a good overview of company’s mission and office culture.

With a potential new employee in mind, here are a few pros and cons about leveraging employee referrals as part of your hiring process. Let’s see if they help mitigate a staffing issue for your organization.

Existing Employees Are a Great Source of New Hires

A recent study of HR professionals by a workforce management consultancy noted that 71 percent felt employee referrals were the source of their best hires. In many cases, employees are familiar with the culture of their employer, leading to recommending their talented friends in the industry apply for a position. Dan Schawbel, partner and research director at Future Workplace, commented on the reasons behind this trend.

“Culture is your most important competitive advantage. As long as you’re paying people fairly, of course, then they are going to look for factors aside from that as positives or negatives — they want meaningful work, solid benefits, flexibility and those are the things they’ll talk about with friends, former colleagues, and family.” said Schawbel.

Building a Referral Program

Offering bonuses to your current employees based on the successful recommendation of a new employee is a key factor in building a “referral culture.” This gives your organization a source of great talent. You may also gain access to passive candidates not normally looking for a new positionĀ but are encouraged to do so because of a good word about your firm from a colleague.

Don’t Shortchange Your Normal Hiring Process

Make sure any referred candidates are still fully interviewed and their references get checked. Shortchanging your typical hiring process because of an internal recommendation is one potential detriment to consider. You should really treat them no differently than a candidate discovered through your normal channels.

Whenever finding technology talent becomes difficult, don’t forget your own employees as well as your trusted staffing agency partner.

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