With the new year now upon us, it is a good idea to take the pulse of the technology industry. Analyzing what’s expected to be the hottest and most innovative IT careers over the next 12 months offers a glimpse at the continued evolution of the tech world. Whether your company is looking to hire bright new talent, or you hope to find a great job, this is information you need to know.

The Bureau of Employment Statistics is predicting a 12 percent increase in IT jobs through 2024, so let’s take a closer look at the most in-demand technology positions for this year and beyond. Use these insights to better plan your activities throughout 2017.

Cognitive Computing Growing in Importance

A desire to leverage the promise of artificial intelligence to make enterprise operations more efficient is making the use of cognitive computing in the business world trend upwards. Essentially, this innovation allows a singular employee to do the work of multiple team members. The growth in “augmented intelligence” has a caused a need for cognitive computing engineers at organizations taking advantage of these innovations.

Cognitive computing is one technology role expected to grow in popularity over the next decade.

Virtual Reality Is Now Relevant to the Business World

Virtual reality (VR) looks to finally be delivering on nearly two decades of promise, first ushered in by the 90s movie, The Lawnmower Man. The industry is now slated to generate nearly $30 billion in revenue by the end of this decade. Everything from the worlds of architecture and design to the medical industry benefits from VR applications.

Talented VR engineers are now in-demand at companies specializing in the technology. This is definitely an area of interest for technology professionals looking for a career change.

Don’t Forget About Augmented Reality

While somewhat related to VR, augmented reality (AR) is a different technology requiring a different set of skills. AR essentially integrates real world elements and data into software applications – no awkward-looking goggles are necessary. Probably the most popular example of AR in action is the Nintendo video game, Pokemon Go.

Serious business applications for AR technology are in production and in development, with projected revenue expected to be near $120 billion by 2020. Therefore, this is a lucrative new career path for technology professionals to explore.

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