Congratulations on your recent graduation. Earning a technology degree is a difficult process which takes a lot of smarts, effort, and fortitude. But now the real work begins, as you embark on what you hope to be a lifelong career in the IT industry.

Here is a collection of tips and insights on how to get your technology career off on the right foot. Follow this advice to become a productive team member for your first employer. Maybe a promotion will be in your short-term future?

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Technology intellect is only part of the DNA of a successful IT professional. Your emotional intelligence (EQ) also plays a role. Daniel Goleman, an expert in this area, describes its importance.

“Emotional intelligence includes self-mastery (self-awareness and self-regulation), plus social intelligence (empathy and social skill). Both are essential: You have to lead yourself before you can lead others,” said Goleman. In short, learning how to successfully collaborate and interact with your co-workers is vital in today’s high-tech industry. This starts with learning how to control your emotions in the office.

Relationship Building Is a Must

Relationships are a key factor in your professional success; this is true in nearly all business sectors. Feeling comfortable in your skin – a robust EQ – lets you build a professional network both within your office and outside it as well. This helps you grow in your career, and will serve you well if it ever becomes time to look for a new position.

Finding a mentor – it may be your manager but that’s not a requirement – is another vital part of truly learning what it takes to be a talented IT professional. If your direct manager isn’t an appropriate option, look within your growing network for someone who can help.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Risk Taker

Taking a few risks is a must if you want to build a career. This could be tackling a challenging project at work or even learning a new skill outside of your normal area of focus. Organizations appreciate employees who are willing to think outside the box, so gaining this reputation is good for your long-term professional success.

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