Navigating a professional life by the seat of your pants probably won’t let you reach your full potential. Career development is a must whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced technology pro. In a competitive industry, you need to stand out from the pack, and this requires effort both inside and outside the office.

What follows is a collection of strategies for developing your IT career. Leverage these insights to ensure a rewarding profession both now and in the future. An executive position may await you down the road!

Fine-Tune Your Technical Resume

An excellent resume remains the most essential part of any job search; this is especially true in the technology industry. Meaningful work experience, as well as keyword-laden descriptions of technical skills and abilities, helps hiring managers narrow down a large pool of candidates to a select few worthy of an interview.

Making the effort to consistently update your resume – both on your LinkedIn account and in word processing form – is a vital part of career development. Ensure the document is well-designed, making it easy to read and follow. Work with an experienced technology recruiter to help fine-tune its contents and layout.

Define Your Career Goals – and Follow Them

A set of sharply defined career goals is important for anyone’s career development. Include both short-term (6 to 12 months) and long-term (2 to 5 years) targets that take into account both your professional and personal life. Spend some time each year – January is excellent! – to review your progress towards reaching them.

Make any adjustments as necessary – especially considering the evolving technology world – but try to stick to your goals as closely as possible otherwise.

Be on the Lookout for Leadership Opportunities

A chance to take on a leadership role with your current employer or potentially at a new company is an essential part of career advancement. Be on the lookout for these kinds of opportunities, even something as small as mentoring a new co-worker or leading a project. Managing a technology initiative on a volunteer basis at a non-profit or charitable organization is another good way to gain experience outside your office.

Simply following these three ideas helps put your IT career on a fast track to long-lasting success.

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