There may come a time in your technology career when you feel stagnated and trapped. Just like a locked-up computer, maybe a reboot is the best thing to regain the inspiration for your professional life? The same concept applies if you are interested in moving into a hotter technology profession – like data science or mobile development.

In a constantly evolving industry, you need to stay nimble and remain open to change. Here are a few strategies for transforming your IT career into something new. Good luck in whatever you decide!

Learn a New Programming Language

Programmers of all stripes are still needed in today’s tech world. In fact, the most in-demand tech jobs include software engineers, UI designers, and software architects. Moving into programming from network management or database administration is smart for your career growth.

Shu Wu, director of Indeed Prime commented on how hot programming is today. “Every company is trying to hire tech talent. If you put effort into learning programming languages like Java, Python, and Ruby on Rails, you have a chance to transition yourself from someone who’s less in demand to someone who’s more in demand,” said Wu.

Developer Advocates Are Also in Demand

If you don’t have the patient mindset for programming, consider becoming a programmer evangelist or advocate. In an era of strong communication and collaboration ushered in by Agile and DevOps, this is a relatively new position in demand at many top companies. Typically they serve as a conduit between a development team and outside parties, like consumers of public-facing Cloud-based services and APIs.

Good communication skills, attention to detail, and rudimentary programming smarts are the typical requirements for this career path.

Planning for Your Transformation

Some employers may not be interested in letting you change roles while still on the job. Others are more open to the concept, offering tuition reimbursement as well as paying for training and certification costs. Consider learning a new skill on the side, and volunteer your services on an open source project or at a non-profit organization with a need for technology help.

Having a portfolio of these volunteer projects makes you attractive to potential employers interested in your skill set.

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