Whenever you want to press the reset button on your IT career, it helps to venture outside of your comfort zone. A truly transformational change may require learning new technologies or even new approaches to topics you already know. It may even happen on an involuntary basis, i.e. due to a layoff, a promotion to another role outside of your main area of expertise, or possibly some other life change.

Ultimately, career advancement requires you to take a leap of faith now and again. Trust in your innate abilities and work ethic, and chances are good you’ll end up in a better spot when the dust settles. Let’s take a closer look.

Always Trust Yourself

Given a situation when you are promoted to a different and unfamiliar role, you need to appreciate the trust placed in you by your superiors. You wouldn’t have received this opportunity if the executive team didn’t feel you’d be successful over the long haul. If they trust you, then simply having faith in yourself is a requirement.

Leverage Any Transferable Skills

Even when working in a different part of the technology industry, take advantage of any transferable skills in your new role. For example, when moving from a software development manager role into a network operations position, many of the same project management concepts and techniques are still in force. The same rule applies to any general leadership skills you’ve developed over time.

In short, a career change doesn’t mean you are starting over from scratch. Your hard-earned experience is still relevant.

The Learning Never Ends in the IT Industry

No matter how many changes you encounter in a technology career, one thing remains consistent: The learning never stops. There is never any time to become comfortable or complacent if you want a professional life filled with success. Continuing education is a must; be sure to take advantage of any tuition reimbursement offered by an employer.

Ultimately, combining technical abilities with business acumen will serve you well throughout your IT career. When an opportunity for a leadership role presents itself, don’t be afraid to make that leap. Taking chances and shaking things up now and again is healthy for your profession.

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