Growing a vital and robust professional network continues to be a key part of any successful technology career. Don’t worry if this scares you – shyness and a reserved nature needn’t hamper your networking efforts. You must overcome these obstacles to ensure a vibrant and rewarding profession is yours. Ultimately, all it takes is a positive attitude and persistence.

What follows are a few tips and insights on how to properly network as a shy person. These ideas can help you develop your IT career like never before.

Fear is the Mind-Killer

When faced with a networking opportunity you need to be fearless. Don’t let being shy give you an excuse to forego this chance to meet someone who can help your career. Fear must not hold you back!

Keep Up with Technology News

Being well-read when it comes to latest news in the technology world ensures you won’t fumble over conversational topics when networking. Make it a point to brush up on current events before any scheduled events you are attending.

Schedule a One-on-One Meeting

Sometimes technology mixers are crowded and noisy, making it difficult to be heard over the din. Invite your potential networking “catch” to lunch or a cup of coffee to have a better chance to speak with them one-to-one. You’ll probably feel more at ease in a less stressful situation with fewer people.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up with New Contacts

Proper networking doesn’t mean simply schlepping business cards around only to forget about them after a week. Make sure you follow up with each new contact you meet. A friendly email (or even a handwritten note) within a day or two is the smartest strategy to use.

Move on If Your Conversation Isn’t Going Anywhere

Don’t be afraid to move on to another contact if your current conversation isn’t working. Sometimes shy people attach themselves to one person at a networking event, when the most important point is to meet different people. That’s why they are called “mixers.”

Ultimately, simply be confident and don’t let your shyness keep you from taking your technology career into a higher orbit. Remember that networking opportunities are not something to fear – focus on their positive aspects.

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