There’s no denying the rapid advancements artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are making within a variety of tech industry sectors. Many modern factories use robots as an important part of their production lines, while AI is making inroads in the areas of Big Data analysis and more. This doesn’t mean current technology professionals need to worry about losing their jobs anytime soon.

What follows is a closer look at the growth of robotics in the IT world. Quite possibly this esoteric technology may let you accomplish more during the working day.

Robots have Limited Intelligence Today

The MIT EmTech Technology Review conference highlights the latest innovations from the high-tech world. Naturally, robotics is one of the biggest areas of interest at the event. A presentation illustrated some of the common problems with today’s robotic technology – in essence; they simply aren’t smart enough – yet.

A scientist at the conference likened the current robotic brain as being on the same level as a reptile or bird. As such, robots are best left to perform simple repetitive tasks, as seen in today’s manufacturing world. Stefanie Tellex, an assistant professor at Brown, commented on how robots still need help from humans to perform tasks.

“We’d like them to be able to get us a cup of coffee, peel a banana or give you a Kleenex when you have a cold,” said Tellex. Unfortunately for humans, she noted, modern robots are unable to successfully navigate the spaces of a real world environment. Another conference presenter showed a video illustrating the difficulty of a Roomba vacuum cleaner to extract itself when it gets stuck in a corner.

The Latest Robotic Innovations

The robotic innovations expected to lead to a replacement of human workers involve high-risk vocations, like firefighters. Still, humans will still be necessary to help manage the activity of the robots using a remote control device. The hope is that firefighters will be able to perform rescues without the risk of smoke inhalation.

So if you are worried about losing your IT job to a robot, don’t waste your time. Instead, learn more about these technology innovations to help further your own career prospects.

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