While some technology professionals boast an innate sense of engagement, that doesn’t mean their skills don’t need to be properly inspired. Ultimately, most top-notch IT professionals are forged in the fires of the modern business world – not simply born. In a similar manner as the basketball teams competing in March Madness, technology talent needs to be coached up!

Here is a closer look at how your technology managers can keep their staffs engaged and productive. Hopefully, these insights help you properly develop all the talent at your organization.

Keeping Employees Engaged is an Important Task

A recent Gallup study noted nearly two-thirds of all employees don’t feel sufficiently inspired at work. They don’t feel enthusiastic for their job nor are they truly committed to their current employers. Because of this cold, hard truth, the modern technology manager needs to take the steps to improve employee engagement – the company’s retention rate and productivity are potentially at risk.

Setting Attainable Goals is One Key

Another study reported that 70 percent of people who made weekly goals and shared them with others achieved success. Your technology managers need to work with their direct reports on setting goals for multiple time horizons – weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The best managers are able to properly coach their staff on the best techniques for goal-setting and achievement.

The Quantum Workplace State of Employee Feedback reported that only 43 percent of companies currently use this kind of goal-setting engagement model. Implementing a similar program at your organization will put you ahead of the competition and well on your way to building a company culture able to retain its best talent. This is the best way to grow a productive business over the long haul!

Professional Development for Your Technology Staff

In addition to the appropriateness of goal-setting for projects, this model also works with the professional development of your technology staff. Providing a robust training program combined with a tuition reimbursement benefit is a great first step. Get your managers to coach their staff in setting goals when it comes to building their technology and business skills to become more valuable contributors to your organization.

It’s time for your managers to channel their inner John Wooden or Mike Krzyzewski and coach their employees to improve their engagement and develop their skills to a higher level!

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