Technology project managers typically focus on ensuring their teams work productively. As such, they encourage the developers, business analysts, and QA engineers to use their time wisely. However, in the middle of an IT undertaking, they sometimes forget to manage their own time in an efficient manner.

Here are a few insights on some of the time-wasting mistakes you and your team might be making. Leverage these ideas to ensure a boost in production along with a successful project outcome.

Failing to Document Your “To Do” List

Attempting to keep your current task list in your head is poor form for a manager. You are well-versed in Gantt charts and work-breakdown structures, so make a similar effort to document your own “to do” list. Your stress level actually goes down when you don’t have to struggle to remember everything you need to finish.

Not Making Time for a Break

Speaking of lowering your stress level, find the time to take a quick break each day; many managers don’t bother to, which is a mistake. A meditation or breathing session helps keep your blood pressure low. This helps you focus better when actually working, leading to a higher efficiency rate and a greater productivity level.

Procrastinating on Difficult Tasks

Don’t keep putting off the longer and more difficult items on your task list. This kind of procrastination only serves to siphon your productivity, especially if something unexpected crops up. Bite the bullet and dive right in, no matter the scope of the task.

Forgetting How to Say “No”

Agreeing to take on extra work may give you the impression as a helpful person, but consider your overall productivity before always saying “yes.” The projects you manage remain your most important area of responsibility. Don’t be afraid to tell people you are too busy to help out if it causes your own performance to suffer.

Getting Trapped in the Social Media Web

At times, social media can be the enemy of productivity and efficiency. Fight the urge to waste time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, especially if you are easily distracted. Save those activities for your out of the office personal time.

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