A job search in the technology industry requires a good plan, razor-sharp focus, and persistence. Everything from a well-written resume to a personalized cover letter to well-honed interviewing skills factors into a successful outcome. Doing the right amount of prep work before beginning your search is also important.

With earning the IT job of your dreams in mind, here are a few tips and insights to consider when looking for a tech position to take your career to another level.

Consider Using a Resume Distribution Service

Crafting the best technology resume in the world won’t help you find a job if the right company never sees it. A resume distribution service ensures better coverage for your candidacy, but it comes at a price. If you decide to go this route, only work with an experienced and reputable company able to sufficiently target the technology industry.

Focus on the Companies Where You Want to Work

If you want to work at the top organizations in the tech industry, make it a point to focus on those firms even if they don’t currently have any open positions. Connect with the company on social media – LinkedIn is especially effective for this purpose. Interact with their employees online and you may hear about an open position before the rest of the public.

Look Within Your Own Network

One of the major advantages of building a robust professional network involves leveraging those contacts when it comes time to look for a new position. This is another way to learn about openings before they are announced publically. Additionally, some helpful advice is usually a good thing when embarking on a job search.

Practice Your Interviewing Skills

Work with a friend to sharpen your interviewing skills before you apply for any open positions. Work on speaking clearly, showing good body language, and making natural eye contact. This practice definitely helps when actually meeting with companies.

Work with an Experienced Tech Recruiter

A partnership with an experienced technology recruiter is always the smartest call when searching for a job. The best recruiters know the top companies looking for talented professionals. They can also help vet your resume and interviewing chops.

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