Looking for a new technology position tends to be a time-consuming process. Writing a resume, composing meaningful cover letters, looking for interesting IT companies, and finally interviewing essentially becomes a full-time job. If you are already gainfully employed, finding the time to search for something new seems overwhelming.

A partnership with an experienced tech recruiter makes the most sense when embarking on a job search. They are able to help with all aspects of your journey, especially with their connections in the industry. With a great new technology position in mind, let’s take a closer look at working with recruiters.

Find a Recruiter with Technology Experience

Considering the vast array of skills and experience within the technology industry, finding a recruiter well-versed in the tech world is a must. You don’t want to end up sent on an interview where your qualifications aren’t a great match for the employer. Recruiters with connections also might give you a chance at an opportunity unknown to the general public.

Stay Positive About Any Negatives in Your Work History

Be prepared to explain any gaps or negative information in your professional history in a positive manner. You will need to handle this issue in the same way when actually interviewing with a company. If you are currently unemployed, engage yourself in technology volunteer work to stay active and earn additional valuable experience.

Stay in Contact Without Being a Pest

Find out the recruiter’s preferred means of communication – email, text, or phone – and use that channel when contacting them. Reaching out once every one to two weeks for a status update is the best policy. Keep things professional and never become a pest.

Fine Tune Your Online Professional Presence

Treat your LinkedIn account as the online version of your resume and make sure it stays up to date. Leverage keywords to describe your skills and experiences, since it becomes easier for recruiters to find you from an internet search. At the same time, ensure your other social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – don’t have any embarrassing posts or photos. Professionalism is a must!

By following these insights you are sure to find a great IT recruiter to help you get the job of your dreams.

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