Gender bias remains an important issue throughout the technology industry. With a talent shortage still hampering the growth of many tech organizations, inspiring females to consider a career in IT is vital. Providing a welcoming office culture for women along with equal pay for equal work are key factors in mitigating the effects of a gender gap.

There’s no denying that more women are needed in the technology industry. What follows is a closer look at the IT gender gap, along with a few insights on what steps are needed to shrink it.

Female Role Models Are Necessary in Technology

When females first consider entering the IT world in college, high school, or even earlier, having a women role model also in the field gives them the inspiration to become an engineer, software developer, or data scientist. This same concept applies to your own company. Employing females on your technology team – and valuing their efforts – encourages other women to join your firm.

Getting younger girls interested in technology at an early age also helps to develop future IT professionals and bridges the gender bias gap. STEM courses at the elementary school level play a role in exposing girls to the wonders of technology. At this point, a school visit by a woman working in the industry shows that a career pathway truly does exist for females.

Keeping Girls Interested in IT During High School

A recent study by CompTIA looked at boys’ and girls’ interest in technology and a subsequent career in the field. Female interest in working in IT decreased by 30 percent after entering high school. CompTIA’s senior director for industry analysis, Carolyn April commented on these findings.

“There are some obvious systemic issues here that the research shows, including that parents of boys are more aggressive in introducing technology to their child than parents of girls. That starts a domino effect that’s compounded when they don’t see women in these roles growing up, and then they aren’t exposed to courses and curriculum around technology — it just snowballs,” said April.

Hosting an open house for high school students to expose them to the possibilities of an IT career is a good way to inspire students of both sexes. Combine this effort with school speaking engagements by your female tech employees and a hiring strategy focused on attracting talented female professionals to close any gender gap at your tech organization.

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