The tech resume remains a very important part of any technology job search. Hiring managers get a minimum amount of time to review candidates, and a compelling CV gives you a better chance at an interview and a potential job offer. This is an area you need to spend extra time on before applying to companies – you don’t want your candidacy to end up in the circular file.

With a successful job hunt in mind, here are a few tips on how to craft a winning technology resume. Soon, you will have the top companies in the industry wanting to speak with you one-to-one!

Brevity is Important in a Resume

Consider the plight of the technology hiring manager forced to look at hundreds of resumes for an open position. If your CV is too long, chances are strong the HR person will simply move on to the next candidate. Only present your most important skills and professional achievements; never go over three pages – two pages are perfect.

Describe the Companies in Your Professional History

In each entry in your work history, briefly describe the company where you were employed. This gives the hiring manager a sense of context, making your tangible achievements more meaningful. It is especially necessary for the smaller employers in your professional background.

Go into More Detail on Your Most Recent Jobs

Hiring managers are more interested in what you were doing in the last few years compared to earlier in your work history. Considering the tip on brevity, don’t waste space going into a lot of detail on those positions earlier in your career. Focus more on your most recent two to three roles over the last five years.

Organizations Want to see the Positive Business Impact You Made

Throughout the work history section of your resume, stress the tangible differences you made for previous employers. This means going into detail – revenue you saved/earned, technology metrics within applications and websites, etc. – concerning the goals you helped your employer achieve. Earning an interview for the IT job of your dreams depends on you providing this level of information in a concise manner.

Leverage these insights to ensure your candidacy gets noticed by the best companies in the field.

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