In a technology industry suffering from an acute talent storage, companies regularly compete over the best candidates; hoping they are able to successfully make that final hire. Beginning an important hiring process without the proper planning is no way to ensure your organization builds the best possible team. A measured and deliberate approach remains the best way to find – and hire – top IT professionals.

With a talented technology group at your office in mind, here are a few tips and tricks on how to search for the best candidates in the field, while ultimately closing the deal.

Interview Questions to Probe Into a Candidate’s Attitude

During the interview, asking the questions that reveal a candidate’s work attitude and collaborative nature is important. Make sure everyone responsible for interviewing uses similar questions and the same candidate rating system to facilitate comparisons. These are both essential parts of any staffing plan.

Probe into the interviewee’s tangible work accomplishments as well as their ability to work within a team structure. Find out their experience level with modern methodologies and organizational structures, like Agile and DevOps. Understanding what inspires them as an IT professional is vital before potentially making that job offer.

Making the Right Hiring Decision – the First Time

A skills gap at your company needn’t force you into making a poor hiring decision. Part of developing and executing a well-considered staffing plan involves a thorough vetting of every candidate before offering a position. The wrong choice between candidates can cost your firm in wasted HR resources as well as salary and benefits.

Conducting detailed background and reference checks needs to part of your company’s hiring policies. Don’t make the mistake of a poor hiring decision. Ensure the right technology candidate gets chosen!

Develop a Company Culture Attractive to Tech Professionals

A competitive market for talent means companies need to foster the kind of office culture that stands out from the rest. Offering interesting projects and opportunities for professional growth is a must. Other perks, like flexible schedules and telecommuting, need to be considered as well.

Becoming the kind of organization known for innovation and treating its employees well places your firm in a good position to onboard the top talent in the industry.

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