The days of the technology office being a competitive environment filled with the “lone wolf” programmer are over. In its place is a more collaborative workplace ushered in by Agile and DevOps movements. As such, supporting the success of your co-workers is the new rule – not professional jealousy.

With a career absent of resentment and bitterness in mind, here are a few tips on how to be more supportive of your co-workers’ successes. These ideas will help you feel more engaged and comfortable in the modern technology workforce.

Focus on Yourself – Not Your Co-Workers

Remember that life isn’t a race, so don’t waste time comparing your current professional situation to others in your office. Instead, focus on developing your own abilities while finding ways to help everyone around you succeed. Over the long haul, this kind of professional behavior bodes well for your ultimate success.

Meaningful Opportunities Exist for Everyone

If a coworker gets a promotion, make it a point to celebrate their achievement even if you were hoping for the same opportunity. Don’t be fooled into thinking that chances for promotion are scarce. Continue to work hard and support everyone on your team and you’ll be headed on an upwards track.

Keeps Things in Perspective

Look at the big picture; a rising tide lifts all ships – these might seem like clichés, but real truth lurks within those sayings. It is important to work hard for the success of your organization instead of fretting about a coworker’s new promotion. Figure out how you can make a positive difference for the company, instead of worrying about who gets the corner office.

Accept What You Can’t Control

It is important not to fret about those things out of your control – that includes the organizational chart of your employer. Don’t waste time worrying about the things you feel are unfair. Keep your head down and work hard!

Success Is How YOU Define It

Develop your own personal standards of success and set goals towards achieving them on your own terms. The accomplishments of coworkers needn’t affect what you are reaching for in a technology career. Once again – focus on making yourself and everyone else around you better.

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