Over the last few years, the importance of cybersecurity throughout the technology world has only increased. The continued growth of mobile tech and eCommerce provides an attractive target for those nefarious agents hoping to invade the privacy and steal the identity of your customers. IT organizations need to take the proper measures to protect their technical infrastructure.

Here is a look at some of the emerging trends in IT security currently being adopted in the industry. Take heed of these same concepts to ensure your organization’s technical assets stay protected from hackers.

Cybersecurity and Technology Innovations

Many organizations continue to embrace a variety of technology innovations to make their business more efficient and productive. These include the Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps or continuous deployment, data analytics, and more. Cybersecurity needs to be at the forefront of your mind when implementing a new methodology or system at your company.

Don’t let a new process or system mistakenly create a security hole at your company!

Know the latest Security Threats and the Best Practices to handle them

Stay aware of the latest cybersecurity threats, as it seems new ones appear on a weekly basis. The Information Security Forum (ISF) is an excellent resource for learning about what hackers are up to, as well as the best practices for dealing with their activity. Be sure to pay close attention to any new information and analysis from the ISF.

Finding, Hiring, and Retaining IT Security Professionals

With the rise in hacking activity over the last few years, the demand for IT security pros is also on an upwards swing. Your HR team needs to take steps to identify and hire talented and experienced cybersecurity employees. Additionally, don’t forget about retaining the ones currently on your staff – you don’t want to see these workers leave for another opportunity!

Don’t let “Cybersecurity Inertia” impact your Operations

Despite the growth in cyber criminal activity, some companies simply don’t take the problem seriously – until it is too late. Don’t make this same mistake! Take a proactive approach to cybersecurity to ensure your technical infrastructure stays protected and your business operations aren’t adversely impacted.

In short, cybersecurity needs to be an important part of your company’s IT strategic and tactical planning.

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