A hiring manager typically peruses through tens – maybe even hundreds – of candidates when they post an open technology position. Because of this cold hard truth, your resume must highlight the tangible difference you made for previous employers. They need to see this valuable information at a glance, so you get called in for an interview and potentially end up with a job offer.

With an ultimately successful job search in mind, here are a few tips on how to best showcase your talents and career experience on a resume. Soon, the tech job of your dreams will be in reach!

Don’t Use Too Much Technical Jargon

While many IT recruiters understand the underlying technology and its jargon, try to explain your professional history using language that any professional can understand. The point is to position your skills and experience as those of a valuable business tech professional. The highly regarded technology resume writer, J.M. Auron, commented about this concept on a resume he recently rewrote for an IT pro.

“The existing documents gave the wrong impression of Rick’s career. He looked far more ‘nuts and bolts’ than he is. Far less transformational. In short, the documents don’t produce the image of a business-focused global executive,” said Auron. It contained “a great deal of information on actions, but almost nothing on results — and it’s the results that really matter.”

Highlighting Your Positive Professional Impact

Make it a point to focus on the positive difference you’ve made for employers throughout your career. Be sure to detail your professional history in a reverse chronological order, so hiring managers are able to see a progression of additional responsibility and promotions. Your greatest accomplishments and most senior level positions are highlighted at the top.

Decluttering Your Resume

With the amount of candidates for any open IT position, a hiring manager typically gets only a minute or two to peruse a technical resume. This is why you need to craft a resume that’s clear and easy to read. In addition to focusing on the positive impact you made in the past, also highlight your technical skills in a separate and clearly defined section.

Making it easy for a hiring manager to see what you bring to the table raises your chances at an interview and a job offer.

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