Maintaining a healthy work-life balance plays a key role in becoming successful in both your personal and professional lives. Focusing too much on work isn’t healthy over the long run. What follows are ten tips to help better balance life at the office and at home.

Why Balance Work and Life?

Benjamin Twichell, marketing director for WisePops, succinctly describes why balancing your work and life makes sense. “My work is better when my life is balanced. My life is better when my work is balanced,” said Twichell.

Better Serve Your Clients by Preventing Burnout

Alex Chaidaroglou, CEO for Altosight, notes that staving off burnout helps you to serve your clients better. “It’s good to enjoy the process while building a successful business/career,” he said.

Love What You Do

“I’m big on making the most of every minute to make time for all the things I love – like my day job, blogging, and dance classes – instead of having to choose,” says Brittany Berger, entrepreneur and content marketer.

Exercise Is Important

Regular exercise helps promote good health, which boosts your productivity in the office, according to Jason Quey, founder of Cofounders with Class. “If we don’t get enough exercise, we’ll be prone to sickness, which can make work harder. If life is stressful at home, that will cloud the decisions made at work,” says Quey.

Respect the Boundaries Between Work and Life

“Burnout is a huge problem, and I’ve struggled with it off and on. But being more intentional about my boundaries has made a huge difference,” says Kaleigh Moore, freelance writer and business owner.

Family Is Forever

In a “gig economy” work can be ephemeral while familial relationships are long-lasting. “To go home and talk to people who genuinely and unconditionally care about your successes and failures, that’s what really matters,” said Sean Bestor, Head of Content at SumoMe.

Gain a New Perspective

Jacob Warwick, founder at Warwick Communications comments on the need to periodically step back from hard work to gain a proper perspective. “Often times these breaks help me overcome challenges, career plateaus, and satisfy my responsibilities within my family and home life,” said Warwick.

Don’t Burn Out!

“If you don’t prioritize work/life balance, you WILL burn out and drop out of your venture prematurely, and you can’t be a successful entrepreneur without putting in the time,” says Sujan Patel, cofounder at Web Profits.

Work Less to Accomplish More

“So while it may feel counter-intuitive, working less and having more fun can actually result in more work getting done (when done right),” says Derric Hanie, CEO at SplashOPM.

Keep a Regular Schedule

“Setting a schedule. My work day pauses at 5 pm. That’s when I go home to help my kids with homework, make dinner, hold the baby, or whatever else is most helpful for our family at that time,” says William Harris, CEO at Elumynt.

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