With technology companies competing over the most talented employees in the industry, this is no time to lose these top workers. Trying to replace IT stars in a good economy is a difficult and expensive process. Your organization’s efficiency and productivity ultimately suffers as a result.

Keeping your staff inspired, engaged, and professionally satisfied needs to be your ultimate goal. This helps ensure your company’s retention rate stays high, with no one leaving for a better opportunity with the competition. Here are a few ideas on how retain your best tech talent.

Give Them Additional Responsibility

Many employees look elsewhere for work to further their careers. Consider giving your brightest workers the chance for additional responsibilities, either through a promotion or maybe even a leadership role on an upcoming project. Knowing their career is on the right track with your organization is a key factor in retaining their talents.

Display Respect and Appreciation

You need to regularly respect and appreciate all your IT employees. Any criticism should be framed in a positive manner, as noted by business owner, Peter Daisyme. “If you must give criticism, combine it with praise for what the employee does well,” he said. This helps keep employee morale as high as possible.

Share the Wealth

Because the best tech talent is high in-demand, you need to ensure your company’s compensation package is generous enough to retain their services. In addition to a competitive salary, offering a revenue share program is a great way to incent your employees to give their best performance. Stock options are another item worth considering, especially if your organization is a start-up.

Offering bonuses and perks – especially for a successfully completed project – also lets you reward your best performers, while showing your appreciation for their efforts. Even occasionally catering lunch at the office helps to engender good will between employees and management.

Champion a Positive Work-Life Balance

Make sure your workers are able to successfully balance their professional and personal lives. Offer perks to achieve this, like flexible schedules and the ability to telecommute some or all of the time. An employee wellness program that includes regular exercise and mediation helps ensure everyone is able to stay healthy, focused, and doing their best work on a daily basis.

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