In today’s economy talented technology employees are high in demand, making it difficult for companies to fill open IT positions at their office. Given this scenario, temporary technical employees offer a myriad of advantages. Temps give you the staffing flexibility to handle crunch times without an adverse effect to your budget, and they can even help deal with a skills gap at your organization.

If you are interested in exploring the use of temporary technical employees at your office, here are a few tips worthy of consideration. Leverage these insights to ensure the company’s staffing needs are met – both now and in the future.

Staffing Flexibility for the Modern Business World

Freelance workers let companies stay nimble – an important benefit in this 21st Century economy. Darren Kall, managing director of the UX design consulting company

Specific Clarity, commented on what his firm gains from using temp talent.

“If we had a staff of full-time employees, we would be limited by their skills, disciplines and experience. We would have to only take client work that they were expertly capable of doing, because we refuse to put people on a project that they are not qualified to deliver. Instead, with a pool of expert freelancers, we’re able to put together just the right team of the specifically skilled people to get an exact project done for our clients,” said Kall.

Understand your Freelance Talent Pool

Developing a pool of trusted freelancers offers the best chance of successfully filling a need whenever it arises. Make it a point to get to know the temporary talent when onboard – their unique skill set, their cultural fit, and their work ethic. Working with a tech staffing agency with a hearty supply of freelance candidates is another smart call.

Set Clear Expectations and Goals

Temporary IT workers tend to thrive when they are given a clear set of goals and fully understand what you expect of them. However, don’t forget there is a fine line between setting clear expectations and too much structure. Some temps enter the freelancing world because of their desire for a flexible work situation.

Additionally, be sure to offer timely feedback to your freelancers. Open communication is a must with your entire staff – both permanent and temporary employees.

When you need additional advice on building a top-notch tech team at your office, talk to the knowledgeable group at Strategic IT Staffing. As one of the leading technology employment agencies on the West Coast, we offer a robust supply of candidates able to contribute to your success. Schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.



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