Anyone who’s ever worked in the technology industry has made a mistake at some point in their career. Whether it was a minor issue or even something more impactful, how you react to situation tends to stay with you over time. In most cases, taking responsibility for the error and moving on is the wisest strategy to follow.

With an eye towards picking yourself up and continuing forward on your IT career, here are a few tips on how to handle making a mistake at your technology workplace. Having a short memory definitely helps!

Apologize and Own Up to the Mistake

It is important to take responsibility for your mistake as quickly as possible. Don’t try to deflect blame to the software, server, or worse yet – one of your coworkers. Apologize for the error and do whatever it takes to fix any of the resultant issues caused by it.

Remember – you are likely to be judged more for your reaction to the mistake than for the actual misstep itself.

A Proactive Approach Works Best when Handing Your Error

If you are the only one aware of the mistake you made, don’t look the other way or ignore the issue. Be proactive in informing your team members and managers of the problem. This is especially vital if the error will end up affecting other systems at your office.

Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope the issue goes away. Face the problem head-on and deal with the consequences.

Reassure the Management Team

Take the steps reassure your boss and coworkers that this mistake won’t happen again. Explain how the issue first happened, and add additional details on what you can do differently the next time. In most cases, if this is your first major error, everyone shouldn’t have a problem giving you a second chance.

Self-Improvement Is Important to Prevent Errors

Emphasize that are you going to treat the mistake as a learning opportunity. Maybe an additional training class or two along with a few self-study sessions will help lessen the risk of mistakes in the future? It is important to develop your skill set to the point where you add enough value to the organization that a rare mistake or two won’t hamper your career growth.

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