There’s no denying the importance of social media in finding an IT job in today’s marketplace. LinkedIn and even Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram give you the means to connect with potential employers, while keeping up to date with their latest business activities. The inverse is also true, since companies use the Internet to find out as much as possible about a candidate before giving them an interview or a job offer.

What follows is an analysis of what a recruiter is hoping to find when they search for you online. Use these ideas to ensure your Internet presence stays professional and a great new technology job stays in your future.

Keeping a Professional Online Presence Is a Must

Studies reveal 92 percent of recruiters search for candidates online, and 70 percent of them have rejected someone in the past based on what they’ve found on their social media accounts. Obviously, you need to maintain a professional online presence, while also fully understanding the privacy settings on social networks like Facebook. Don’t risk a potentially great job because of a picture from a crazy college party 10 years ago!

Recruiters Want to See Evidence of Your Tech Skills

If you have some writing chops, consider creating a blog or at least publish a few articles on LinkedIn showing off your technical acumen. This helps position yourself as a thought leader in the industry, which is ultimately good for your career. Also, include any project successes on your LinkedIn profile, while using the tech keywords recruiters look for when searching for IT talent.

Keep Any Negativity to a Minimum

Don’t speak poorly about any previous employers or bosses on social media. Recruiters tend to treat this kind of attitude as a red flag. They’ll wonder if you will do the same thing to their organization in the future.

Display Your Personality

In an IT world increasingly dominated by DevOps and Agile, companies are looking to hire someone who makes a good fit in their office. So don’t feel shy about displaying your true personality on social media. Once again, just be sure to keep things positive and professional so no recruiter finds any red flags when looking at your social media accounts. Good luck!

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