You recently graduated with a well-earned degree in hand. All that hard work studying has finally paid off, and now you are poised to begin a hopefully long and rewarding career in the information technology industry. Now it comes time to decide whether or not to immediately start looking for your first position in the field.

Do you dive right into the job market, or does taking a quick break to recharge your batteries make more sense? Let’s take a closer look at this important issue so your IT career gets off to a great start.

Begin Your Job Search Soon After Graduation

Unfortunately, taking a post-graduation sabbatical to travel around the world isn’t the best thing for your fledgling career. The smart move is to begin looking for a job soon after graduation, if not a few months earlier. Additionally, if you enjoyed an internship or two during school, this provides a great source of contacts for finding a permanent role with those companies.

Career expert, J.T. O’Donnell commented on the reasons why taking the summer off before starting to look for work isn’t wise. “The truth is, employers want to see hustle. They want to see drive, they want to see eagerness,” said O’Donnell. In short, showing the right initiative by being proactive is the best way to earn an interview and eventually a job offer.

The Competition for the Best Technology Positions Remains Fierce

Assume most of your fellow graduates are beginning their job searches right after graduation day. This means the competition to get hired by the best technology companies will be hot and heavy. Standing out from the pack takes effort along with a measure of guile.

“The sooner you get out there, the sooner you can prove to employers that YOU are the one to hire,” commented O’Donnell. Taking the summer off after graduation simply leaves the wrong impression with many technology employers. Additionally, when you consider it may require a few months to find a job after beginning the hunt, any kind of break isn’t good for your financial situation.

Ultimately, to get your technology career off on the right foot means beginning a job search around your graduation date.

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