Ironically, the one constant in the IT industry is its never-ending rate of change. What was once the hottest new skill or job role one year is simply yesterday’s news a decade later. Technology professionals need to keep their cranium filled with the latest knowledge of programming languages, databases, methodologies, and more.

Unfortunately, some jobs aren’t able to survive the endless churn within the technology world. What follows is a look at a few of the technologies and positions that are being phased out within the industry.

Windows Server Administrators Are Disappearing

The continued growth of Cloud-based services and the popularity of Linux mean Windows Server administration jobs are becoming scarce. Many tech professionals working in this role are retraining on Linux to make themselves more marketable to companies. Consider doing the same thing if you are in a similar position.

Single Vendor Products Are Dangerous to Your IT Career

David Cox, CEO and co-founder of LiquidVPN, feels anyone working primarily on a product for a single vendor or operating system needs to take the steps to broaden their knowledge base. “The IT jobs I see threatened are the repetitive ones and those that focus on only one type of OS or vendor system. Today it’s not about the vendor or OS; it’s about where the information resides and how useful you are at storing, manipulating, and securing that information. It’s all about connecting multiple systems now,” said Cox.

The Need for C, C++, and COBOL Programmers Shrinks

While the C and C++ languages are still used in embedded systems and high-performance video games, .NET and Java remain dominant in the business world. Depending on your chosen career path, learning one or both of these language frameworks is a smart call.

The prospects are even worse for COBOL, which still gets used in older legacy financial systems. Experienced COBOL programmers are able to command a high hourly rate, but those opportunities are few and far between for anyone hoping for a long career programming in this venerable language.

Even PHP and the related LAMP technologies are in decline compared to newer languages like Python and Scala. Anyone working in technology needs to understand this golden rule: Your learning never stops!

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