Considering the number of IT resumes a hiring manager typically receives after posting for an open technology position, yours really needs to stand out from the pack. If the HR person doesn’t see what they need within a few seconds – a minute at the most – your chances at an interview and eventually a coveted job offer are lost. It is vital to include all the basic information in addition to your technical skills inventory and relevant work experience.

With the hopes of an IT resume sure to attract the top IT organizations in the industry, here is a closer look at how to write an IT resume sure to get you noticed.

Keywords Are Important on a Resume

When an HR person first looks at a resume, they typically give it a quick top-down scan searching for certain keywords related to their open position. If they find what they are looking for, a more thorough analysis then takes place. This is a major reason you need to make your CV easy to read, while highlighting those important keywords aimed at attracting the attention of a hiring manager.

Consider personalizing each resume for the open position you are interested in, making sure any of the desired skills and experience from their job ad are clearly noted in your IT resume. Creating an easy-to-read layout also applies for the online version of your resume published on LinkedIn or any other job site. While you won’t be able to tailor it for a specific job, you are able to draw focus to your most in-demand abilities and experiences.

Resume Formatting Is Vital

Once again, understanding a hiring manager only spends a few seconds on a first look at any resume is vital for the ultimate success of your job search. This means you need to format your CV with a focus on making it easy to read, while highlighting those magical tech keywords sure to earn you an interview. Failure to do this ensures your candidacy probably ends up in the proverbial circular file – unfortunate as that seems.

In short, work with a trusted recruiter to help craft a winning resume highlighting your potential worth to any IT employer.

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