The one constant in the technology industry continues to be its rapid rate of change. In some cases, what were the hottest jobs a few years ago are barely in demand today. On the other hand, certain positions in the field consistently pay higher than the rest – especially at the executive level.

Whether you are a technology professional looking to take your career to a higher level, or an IT firm planning to add to its senior staff, it helps to know the latest information on tech salaries. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the highest paying jobs in the IT industry.

Senior Director of Engineering

The high salaries paid for senior directors of engineering are a great incentive for any engineer aspiring to the corner office. Commanding an average annual salary of $250,000, these engineering executives successfully combine technical aptitude, business acumen, and strong people skills, along with years of tangible professional experience, including some in a senior engineering management role.

Vice President of Product Management

The product management role is vital throughout the technology industry, as these professionals ensure a variety of high-tech products successfully meet the needs of a sometimes fickle marketplace. A vice president of product management leads a team of product managers, while providing strategic direction while communicating it across the organization. The average annual salary for these executives is $213,000.

Technical Sales Director

The sales role remains the lifeblood of many technology organizations, no matter their product line. In short, companies need revenue to survive and ultimately thrive. As such, technical sales directors are well paid, commanding an average salary of $210,000 per annum.

Vice President of Marketing

In any industry, the marketing and sales roles are closely related, and this same concept applies to the technology world. Vice presidents of marketing help develop marketing processes relevant to an organization’s goals; requiring a mixture of technical and business knowledge. Their average annual salary is $208,000.

Senior Engineering Manager

Senior engineering managers earn an average salary of slightly more than $200,000 on an annual basis. They are directly responsible for managing engineers and scientists working in the areas of design, production, QA, and operations.

Use these examples of high-paying tech industry roles to inspire your career to an even higher level.

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