In the technology world, meetings are simply part of office life. If your organization follows the principles of Agile and/or DevOps, you probably are required to attend them on a daily basis – maybe even more than one! While communication and collaboration remain a vital aspect of the modern IT life, how do you ensure these conferences are actually productive?

What follows are a few tips and ideas aimed at boosting the productivity level of the meetings at your technology office. Leverage these insights to get the most out of your daily get-togethers.

Finding a Balance Between the Formal and Informal

Use a too formal meeting structure, and your employees begin to chafe when attending. On the other hand, holding a succession of random conferences tends to waste the valuable time of your staff. Finding a middle ground between these two approaches is the best way to make the most out of everyone’s attendance.

Make Your Meetings Energetic

Providing a level of energy to your meetings is a great way to keep your team engaged and paying attention. Consider hosting a daily standup get-together to quickly go over the latest status reports. This meeting style is a major part of many Agile frameworks, and tends to work best soon after everyone arrives at the office.

Fostering Creativity Within an Organizational Structure

In a similar manner as balancing formal and informal meetings, you also need to find a way inspire the creativity of your staff, while still keeping some measure of control. An organized brainstorming session is a good example of this approach. Let your team come up with a host of great ideas, while you and your management team provide the proper structure to ensure the best ones come to fruition.

Don’t Focus on Endless Status Reports

Using a face-to-face meeting to analyze status reports in detail is a poor use of your employee’s time. Instead, have them either provide quick updates within a specified limit or provide those reports in an email format for referral on one’s own time. To get the most out of meetings, focus on the interactivity between everyone, like the brainstorming session mentioned earlier or a decision-making process leading to a successful project outcome.

Following these ideas makes sure your office meetings stay productive and ultimately valuable to the entire business.

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